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Problematic Planetary Alignments in April 2024

Summary: This article examines a number of problematic and inauspicious planetary alignments happening in April 2024 from the perspective of Vedic astrology. It covers the total solar eclipse occurring on 8 April 2024, the appearance of Comet Pons-Brooks, planetary war between Mars and Saturn and the retrograde combust Mercury with Gandanta Dosha.   It then applies the rules and principles of Jyotish astrology to analyse the potential impact of these astrological events in the Vedic horoscope. It also demonstrates how Jyotish forms an integral part of the wider Yogic / Vedic spiritual traditions and is intended as a resource for people studying this subject.

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Planetary Antidotes in Jyotish

Summary: Covering Remedial Measures or Planetary Antidotes (Upaye or Upayes) in Jyotish. Detailed discussion of: Wearing gem stones associated with a particular planet: Chanting planetary related mantras: Performing specific acts of charity: Conducting Vedic rituals to balance planetary energies

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